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A new solution for an old problem

I started this company since I have realized there is a void in the market.

Most of us who have sold a home before has likely found the transaction to be a stressful one. Everything goes along well until a home inspection gets done, or sometimes you get walk through visits and then no offer; this leaves you stressed and wondering why and what is going on.

In all the years and the thousands of home inspections that I have done I have learned a few things that seem to bother or turn potential buyers off. Somethings are very small and easy to fix. But as the owner you may walk by these things all the time and stop seeing the issue or fail to realize that it possibly is a bothersome issue for others.

Now you can hire OneStop Shop to come in and assess your home for items that will make the transaction move along smoother.

And now with OneStop Shop you have the option of having us do the work for you and you don't have to do the searching for yet another company to do the services for you.

With OneStop Shop you are in good hands.

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